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What is fused glass?

Fused glass (also known as kiln-formed glass, warm glass or glass fusion) is a glass making technique where two or more glass elements are fused together in a kiln. The glass comes in a variety of forms in a huge range of colours: sheets (which are cut by hand or machine), crushed glass, thin flakes rods and powders.

The kiln temperature is controlled so at a lower temperature the glass will lightly stick together, keeping its shape (tack fusing) or at a higher temperature the glass will start to move, distort and melt together (full fusing). In the kiln the glass can also be bent over a plaster mould to take on the form of the shape like a bowl (known as slumping) or cast in a mould so the glass becomes completely fluid. Additional kiln formed techniques include embossing, screen – printing and painting. The temperatures at which glass is worked in a kiln are usually between 1000–1700°f (538–927°c) and the kiln firings often take 24 hours as the glass must cool down slowly.

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