About fused glass & fused glass kits

About fused glass

Fused glass (sometimes known as kiln-formed glass, warm glass or glass fusion) is a creative technique where two or more glass elements are fused together in a kiln. The glass comes in a variety of forms in a huge range of gorgeous colours: sheets (which are cut by hand), crushed glass, thin flakes rods and powders.

The kiln temperature can be controlled so at a lower temperature the glass will lightly stick together, keeping its shape (tack fusing) or at a higher temperature the glass will start to move, distort and melt together (full fusing). In the kiln the glass can also be bent over a plaster mould to take on the form of the shape like a bowl (known as slumping) or cast in a mould so the glass becomes completely fluid. Additional kiln formed techniques include embossing, screen – printing and painting. The temperatures at which glass is worked in a kiln are usually between 1000–1700°f (538–927°c) and the kiln firings often take 24 hours as the glass must cool down slowly.

About make at home fused glass kits

If you enjoy craft kits for adults you will love our fabulous range of make at home fused glass kits. The DIY fused glass kits contain a gorgeous selection of glass materials and everything else you need to make your glass decorations. One you have made your glass kit you send the glass back to us to be fired in our glass kiln from our studio in Dorset (prepaid UK postage included). Our fused glass kits can be sent to you or direct as presents to friends and family, in pretty packaging with a gift message. Postage is free so we can save you time and money if your need a thoughtful gift for a creative friend or family member. 

This is how the make at home fused glass kits work......... 

1. You purchase a make at home fused glass kit.

2. Wendy sends you or the recipient the glass kit by post.

3. You receive and make your glass kit. Everything you need is in the box  - all the glass materials, some images for inspiration and some glue to stick it all together. 

4. You leave to dry for at least 24 hours. 

5. You take a photo of your creations and email it to Wendy at [email protected] (just in case anything moves in the post). 

6. You post everything back in the original packaging / box with the return address sticker and postage stamp provided. Please include the glass products, any left over glass and the plastic tubs (as everything is recycled).

7. Wendy receives your glass creations and fires them in the glass kiln.

8. Your glass creations are hand finished and sent back (in the original packaging to reduce waste).