Make at home fused glass kits

A make at home fused glass kit includes all materials and all postage. They can be sent direct as a gift to family or friends with a gift message. 

This is how the make at home fused glass kits work......... 

1. You purchase a make at home fused glass kit.

2. Wendy sends you or the recipient the glass kit by post.

3. You receive and make your glass kit. Everything you need is in the box  - all the glass materials, some images for inspiration and some glue to stick it all together. 

4. You leave to dry for at least 24 hours. 

5. You take a photo of your creations and email it to Wendy at [email protected] (just in case anything moves in the post). 

6. You post everything back in the original packaging / box with the return address sticker and postage stamp provided. Please include the glass products, any left over glass and the plastic tubs (as everything is recycled).

7. Wendy receives your glass creations and fires them in the glass kiln.

8. Your glass creations are hand finished and sent back (in the original packaging to reduce waste).